Email Hacking using Credential Harvester Attack (SET)

Learn how to write your own hacking tools in python:

This video covers the Credential Harvester Attack of Social Engineering Toolkit, which is basically used for making an Automated clone and get credentials of the victim.

I had done it with a small setup of One machine with backtrack installed and other one being XP as the victim.

However a small issue comes with it. Why the victim will open your IP? 

Well simple, get into the DNS server, or create a fake DNS server and DHCP, and start giving IP with your own authorization. Once you are done with fake DNS, make a fake entry for poting to your Fake IP address. 

In case any issue comes in between, feel free to contact me at :)

Stay Focused, Keep Hacking.


  1. Sir, Can I Use No-ip For Fake Dns Generation or you have better way To Confuse The Victim...

  2. if u r in a network, go for fake DNS server (karmetasploit can be handy).

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  4. devender je email keisy heack karen

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